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Monday, February 1, 2021: LOVEboldly

LOVEboldly exists to empower willing Christians and LGBTQ+ individuals to

step towards loving one another more boldly. Faith and Sexuality

conversations are not easy. They touch deeply held beliefs, emotions and

experiences and often create tension. LOVEboldly seeks reconciliation and

healing in the center of that tension. 

Heidi Weaver-Smith is the founder and president of LOVEboldly.

Monday, March 1, 2021: FORMA

FORMA is the Network for Christian Formation for the Episcopal Church and


Melissa Rau: She is the Director for Partnership and New Initiatives at the

Episcopal Church Foundation. She is responsible for managing partnerships

and collaborations, including Forma, and discerns and develops strategic

solutions for Episcopal faith communities through consulting and coaching.

She is especially passionate about leadership and discipleship. 

(2nd MONDAY) Monday, April 12, 2021: Poor Peoples 


Adam Barnes, PhD is the coordinator of the Rights and Religions program

at the Kairos Center and has worked at the Poverty Initiative/Kairos Center

since 2007.
Rev. A. Kazimir Brown, Repairers of the Breach coordinator. 

Previous Meeting Videos

CAMP in times of COVID-19

As the 2021 Camp season approaches, our camp leaders are working to

help navigate all the questions and safety responses. Christmount

Executive Director, Rob Morris, has been working with our Ministries

Across Generation Youth & Young Adult Consultant, Randy Kuss,

to gather information. You can find the information at

The Association of Outdoor Ministry continues to hold gatherings once a                                                         month as new questions come forward (Example: Do camps needs to                                                                   require the vaccine for people to attend?) To find meeting times and links,                                                             please join the Facebook page

Retirement of Kate Epperly

Our amazing Coordinator of Justice & Advocacy for Family & Children's Ministries has                                        decided to retire. We want to celebrate the good work Kate brought to Ministries Across                                      Generations. She met with many of our relational ministries working on issues around gun                                  violence, domestic violence, refugees and immigration, xenophobia, racism, and more. In                                  addition, she continued her responsibilities as a daily after school caregiver for her two                                        grandsons. Thank you, Kate! You are already missed!


Lent Resources

We have already seen many of you proactively putting together resources for Lent. Here

are some helpful tools if you need them. E-mail us with your insight, creativity and

resources to share! We will update the Ministries Across Generations Facebook page.

(Lent Resources)

Some "New" Resources:

Christ Walk Kids A 40-Day Spiritual Journey for Tweens and Teens
Love Life, Live Lent
Children’s Booklet 

Young Voices: Stepping out of the Wilderness   A 47 day devotion to walk you
through Lent and concludes with the good news of Easter Sunday. 

Wonder of Easter  Uses a child’s “wonder” questions to think about what it must have
felt to be a part of the biblical story, and uses a prayer to make a connection to how we honor Jesus today. It includes Bible verses on every page and is in both English and Spanish text.
Kids Celebrate Lent and Easter, Young Reader
  For grades 1-3.
Kids Celebrate Lent and Easter, Pre-Reader
Easter Options

Leadership Initiative Team Survey

Lonnie Graves has been working with the Leadership Initiative Team and an Oreon E. Scott grant to create a quick survey to inform the team on how to best resource our churches.
Please take and share! (Click here)


Children Worship & Wonder

As we continue to live into this virtual reality, CW&W is updating its videos, trainings, and

at home options. For current videos, check out our playlist. Lent at home resource will be

available soon. 

Coronavirus, Anxiety, Children and the Church (Building Faith)
How Your Children’s Ministry Can Emerge Stronger and Better After COVID-19 (Faith Formation Ministries) 

CDC Guidelines

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