Gun Saftey

With mass shootings becoming a common occurrences, our families, churches and children need resources for quality conversation around this difficult and divisive topic. 

Former Coordinator of Justice & Advocacy for Family & Children's Ministries, Kate Epperly put together printable resources for those who work with younger generations and their families. 

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A Faith-Based Intergenerational Resource for Conversation

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"Following our nation’s experiencing 38+ mass shootings in the first three months of 2018, a large group of articulate and passionate student activists joined their voices with Parkland High School activists to launch a very impressive nationwide “March for Our Lives” campaign to prevent gun violence. While the fruits of this campaign have not yet been fully realized, this new surge in young activism gives families and leaders in faith communities a vital opportunity to engage with our children and youth on the subjects of gun safety and gun violence, in addition to the how to conduct faith-based promotion of non-violent communication and conflict resolution, and an intentionality to follow the countercultural way of peacemaking power of Jesus which actively embraces the mission of compassion, healing and wholeness for all God’s children."

Appendix A: Gun Violence Prevention Resources

Faith Coalition Against Gun Violence

Faiths United Against Gun Violence 

Everytown for Gun Safety

Sandyhook Promise 

Operation Lipstick: Ladies Involved in Putting a STOP To Inner City Killing

Appendix B: Faith Based Books and Articles for Youth and Adults



United Methodist Gun Violence Prevention Faith and Facts Card 

Grounded in Faith: Resources on Mental Health and Gun Violence  

The Gun Violence Archive (GVA)

Kids and Violence in Media: How do the images our children see on TV, in movies and video games affect them—and how can parents dial down the exposure? by Sasha Emmons

Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse

Appendix C: Resources for Children and Families



Journey to the Heart: Centering Prayer for Children by Frank Jelenek and Ann Boyajian

The Bad Guys: A Students/Teachers Guide to School Safety and Violence Prevention by Julie Federico (Author), Linda Wilson (Editor), Ruth van de Witt (Editor), & 2 more 


Guns Are Not For Fun by D. C. Dailey (Author), Dawn Boudreau (Photographer), Bill Tadrick (Photographer) 

The Book That Shouldn't Exist by A.J. Cosmo  (Author), Félix Hinojosa (Illustrator), A.J. Cosmo  (Illustrator) ​

The Armor of Light 

Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA 
How Do I Talk to My Kids About Violence in the Media?