Becoming Intergenerational

Historically, the church has seperated families and children from other groups during opportunities for faith formation and education. We have come to discover, however, that bringing generations together can actually enriches everyone's ability to know God.


Many resources, curricula, and books recommended throughout this website incorporate intergenerational and multigenerational components, but if intergenerational is your focus the list below is a great place to start:

Ministry Ideas & Resources

Family Theology: Finding God in Very Human Relationships by Carol J. Gallagher

Lifelong Faith: "Intergenerational Faith Formation"

"Through the Generations of Faith Project (Center for Ministry Development, 2001-2006), I worked with a team to create a model of intergenerational faith formation and program resources for churches to implement intergenerational learning."


GenOn Ministries (LOGOS)

"GenOn Ministries' mission—and we believe calling as well—is to equip churches and families to develop lifelong Christian disciples of all ages." In addition to the LOGOS program, check out GenOn's Children's Ministry Effectiveness Model.


The Best of Whole People of God (Small churches)

"The Best of Whole People of God Online is a complete online Lectionary-based Sunday school curriculum. It includes weekly age-level lessons as well as worship resources for leaders."


Keep Connected

Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being. These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives. But great family relationships don’t just happen. Keep Connected offers all kinds of families—and organizations that support them—ideas, activities, and experiences to help build strong family relationships. Our goal is to strengthen family relationships to help kids be and become their best selves.


Seasons of the Spirit FUSION:

"FUSION provides a thoughtful balance between practical planning, biblical background information and worship outlines as well as pages that can be used along with a Christian education team. It also includes faith formation resources that families can use to grow their faith at home and in the community."


The Way of Love
This podcast offers ways to engage with the Way of Love, The Episcopal Church’s intentional commitment to practicing faith by following Jesus. Hear stories and get practical advice from Bishop Michael Curry and others who are putting the Way of Love practices (Turn, Learn, Pray, Worship, Bless, Go, Rest) into action.

Top Ten Ways of Doing Intergenerational Church

Practical tips for beginning an intergenerational program from blogger and author Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell

Basic Guide For In Home Faith (Click here)


Intergenerational Christian Formation by Holly Catterton Allen and Christine Lawton Ross


Generations Together: Caring, Praying, Learning, Celebrating, & Serving Faithfully by Kathie Amidei, Jim Merhaut, and John Roberto


"Intergenerational Ministry Beyond the Rhetoric" by Brad M. Griffin and Brenda Snailum

Intergenerate: Transforming Churches through Intergenerational Ministry edited by Holly Catterton Allen

Celebrating the Milestones of Faith: A Guide for Churches by Laura Keeley and Robert J Keeley

Growing Young: Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church
by Kara Powell, Jake Mulder and Brad M. Griffin

Adoptive Church (Youth, Family, and Culture): Creating an Environment Where Emerging Generations Belong by Clark Chap and Steven Argue

Generations United: All In Together: Creating Places Where Young and Old Thrive
The mission of Generations United is to improve the lives of children, youth, and older people through intergenerational collaboration, public policies, and programs for the enduring benefit of all. Founded in 1986 by leaders at the National Council on Aging, Child Welfare League of America, Children’s Defense Fund and AARP, Generations United's work inspires, empowers, advocates and engages.

Eight Ideas for Intergenerational Small Groups by Karen DeBoer


Faith Formatin in a Secular Age by Andrew Root

In the shifting landscape of ministry, one question has seemed to garner the most attention: How can we keep (young) people in our church? Pushing deeper, we wonder: How can we form a faith that keeps them sticking around? 

The Next Generation: How Intergenerational Interaction Improves Life Chances of Children and Young People
United for All Ages is a 'think-do' tank founded in 2010 to create a Britain for all ages, tackling big social and economic issues such as loneliness, ageism, learning, care, health and housing.  

Effective Ministry: Intergenerational Ministry
The E.M ministry was initially instigated in 2010 with the goal of carefully examine (through thoughtful and thorough research) the reason and rationale behind apparent low growth rates within the Christian Church in Australia, and more particularly, within Anglican churches in the Sydney Diocese.

Practicing Prayer Intergenerationally by Nancy Stamey Eubanks

Building Faith is published by Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary. Our mission is to equip and inspire churches and individuals for the ministry of Christian education and faith formation.

FaithFull Generation by Martyn Payne

Growing Up Together is a FREE intergenerational resource is for multi-age households, small groups and communities of faith committed to growing up together in worship, witness and service.  Growing Up Together comprises an overview of the place of rites and rituals in the lives of young people and their communities liturgical resources for marking these significant occasions. Growing Up Together contains resources for recognising and celebrating, in an intergenerational way,


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