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Preventing Sexual Activity Between Youth – This is an under-appreciated issue. Half of sexual abuse incidents reported in organizations occurs between children. You will learn to recognize interactions that indicate danger.


Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers -- This lesson will help volunteers take an active role in prevention by knowing how molesters operate and taking specific steps to prevent abuse.


Navigating the Murky Waters of Sexual Harassment (for employees) -- It is remarkable, decades after this concern has surfaced, that some employees still don’t understand what sexual harassment is. This lesson will define harassment and teach the steps to take when one believes they are being harassed.


Now You’re a Supervisor: Preventing Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation – Supervisors have an immediate responsibility to prevent and respond to harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The lesson will cover State laws regarding harassment, and explain how supervisors should respond if they are accused of discrimination, harassment or retaliation.


Mandated Reporting – Reporting is an individual responsibility, not just an institutional responsibility. Each mandatory reporter must know what they must do to fulfill their legal obligation.


Hazing and Bullying – The tragic consequences are reported regularly in the news. Learning to detect and de-fuse this behavior is an individual and organizational imperative.


Preventing Abuse of Vulnerable Adults – See our definition of “vulnerable adult” in our SafeConduct™ Policy Template.


Preventing Abuse of the Elderly – Even though independent and seemingly “on top of it”, the elderly may become victims of abuse in different ways.

The Ministries of the Insurance Board

Getting Started with Abuse Prevention (Click here)

The Steward, Summer 2013, Insurance Board,


Policy Template: This is the best resource out there!


The Insurance Board has been working directly with Praesdium for many years. Together they provide FREE training in the areas listed.



 "Praesidium was started more than 20 years ago in response to a request from a youth serving organization that was reeling from an incident of child sexual abuse."



These are two other organizations supported by our denominations.

FaithTrust Institute

"FaithTrust Institute is a national, multifaith, multicultural training and education organization with global reach working to end sexual and domestic violence."


Religious Institute

"Founded in 2001, the Religious Institute is a multifaith organization dedicated to advocating for sexual health, education, and justice in faith communities and society."

Spanish Version (Click here)


Other Helpful Resources

One With Courage

"National initiative centered around the courage it takes to talk about child sexual abuse and the unique role children’s advocacy centers play in providing comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate services to child victims of abuse."


National Children's Alliance

"National Children's Alliance (NCA) empowers local communities to provide comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate services to victims of child abuse."

Child & Youth Care Certification Board

CYCCB certification is a response by the CYC professional community to promote widely supported standards of practice coupled with research-based competence demonstration.

There are several good organizations that are devoted to all aspects of Sexual Abuse Prevention and Response. This topic is complex, but not recognizing its importance puts many congregations in danger of implicit negative and unfaithful responses.

Sexual Abuse Prevention & Response

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